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New Released Casual Games

  • Katy and Bob: Cake Cafe Game
  • Katy and Bob: Cake Cafe
  • Katy and Bob are back in their 3rd adventure! Do they have what it takes to run a successful bakery?
  • Angkor: Runefall Game
  • Angkor: Runefall
  • The hidden village of mages is threatened by a catastrophe. Their only hope is a young mage apprentice!

New PC Games Of This Month

Sam and Frank are back and this time they are commentating on the Solitaire Football League! Can you take the Solitaire City Juggernauts to the Ultrabowl?
Head on back to beautiful Pinecreek Hills and use your outdoor experience to help the rangers in this hidden object adventure!
Your brother's invention has made contact with aliens. Help him defeat an intergalactic invasion before the Earth is destroyed.
Go on a breathtaking solitaire adventure and discover the treasure of the lost city!
Complete 200 magical card layouts and find all the evidence necessary to catch the man without a face!
Can you unite the witches and hunters to defeat an unimaginable foe?
Stop an evil dragon from plunging the Empire into darkness!
Solve the puzzle of the red mist and save a missing camper before they meet a terrifying end.
Get Immersed in an unforgettable Las Vegas atmosphere while mastering fun match 3 puzzles!
It's time for the lady of the castle to take charge in this thrilling time management adventure!
Fasten your seat belt and take off with Amber Hope in a new airline game!
Create a survival resort on an island full of crazy ex tofu fanatics!
Uncover a conspiracy against the king!
In the latest 1001 Jigsaw World Tour, take a fantastic tour of various castles and palaces across the world while completing exciting jigsaw puzzles!
Can you rid the city of a malevolent monster in time?
Can you help stop an ancient evil in time?
In this fantastic match 3 adventure, help postman Jim and his plane Tornado deliver the mail in out of this world weather conditions!
Use new vampire abilities to save your beloved in time!
Hot releases in casual games of this month are contained above list. Each individual page includes more detail and system requirements to play games. You can use visa card, master card, american express card, discover card and also PayPal to purchase games.